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I am a Sadistic Master with a few Daddy tendencies. I fully support traditional gender roles where men are dominant and female are submissive to them. I blog here based on both my fantasies and what I would like to live in reality ... not always at the same time. I am poly and loving life.

How to fuck a skinny cunt

A beautiful demonstration of natural sexuality

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The Four-Week Toilet Whore Challenge

This is a challenge for women who want to become toilet whores. In just four weeks, if you follow these instructions, you can proudly call yourself a toilet whore.

Week 1

Everyday for a week, you will masturbate in the bathroom, on your knees, with your head in a toilet. 

This week is meant to begin the process of turning you into a toilet whore: by masturbating with your head in a toilet, you will train yourself to associate that position with sexual pleasure. Therefor, it is important not to masturbate in any other position than this: you have to learn that you can only masturbate with your head in the toilet.

When you orgasm, flush the toilet. This is also meant to train you, to associate the action and sound of flushing the toilet with cumming. 

Week 2

Just like last week, you will masturbate in the bathroom, on your knees, with your head in a toilet. However, when you cum, you have to shove your face into the toilet water and flush it.

Make sure you keep your face in for the entire time you orgasm: just like week 1 taught your body and mind that you may only masturbate with your head in the toilet, this step is meant to train you to associate cumming with your face being shoved into a toilet. Because of this it is also important not to shove your face in the water before you cum: if you properly associate cumming with flushing your head in the toilet, then you will be happy and eager for it to happen.

Week 3

This week, while masturbating, you will be kissing and licking the toilet.

This week is to make sure that you are taking an active participatory mindset while masturbating: now that you've learned that the toilet is the place where you masturbate, you will learn that it is also the reason for masturbating. You wont just be thinking of the toilet as where you masturbate, but the desire for masturbating. So lick the seat.

Taste the bowl.

Leave lipstick kiss marks.

As well, your should be flushing your entire head into the toilet when you flush it and cum. Be sure to have your lips kissing or tongue licking the very deepest part of the bowl.

Think of it like kissing your lover as thanks for making you cum.

Week 4

The last week adds the final degrading ingredient to your self-imposed humiliation: you have to piss in the toilet before you begin masturbating.

The purpose of this final week is to add a new element of escalation to your masturbation. By now you should be happy and excited every time you see a toilet, because you've trained yourself to associate licking and kissing it with pleasure and flushing your head with cumming. Now its time to fully commit to what you are: a toilet whore.

And a toilet whore shouldn't be afraid of piss: she should get wet at the scent of it, and orgasm at the taste of it, and be eager for the moment shes allowed to shove her head into it.

Once you have completed this week, congratulations! You've just trained yourself to become a toilet whore. If you did everything right, you wont be able to masturbate any other way, and you can surprise your partner by crawling over to the toilet,

begging them to piss in your face,

licking the toilet for their amusement as they fuck you,

and capping off the wildest, dirtiest sex they've ever had by letting them hear your gurgling scream as you cum by flushing your head.

Think of how wonderful they- and you- will feel, bringing your sopping wet face out of the bowl, smiling up at them, and promising them you'll be their toilet whore forever.

To All Aspiring Dom's

I see many of you posting pictures of girls in very humiliating positions /outfits, with a description that says, “looking for a cunt to do this to. Taking applications.”

Being that you’re taking applications, I’m assuming you don’t have anyone with whom to live out your fantasies. So, let me see if I can help you out a little.

Most - not all - single women who are into degradation have been abused before and left for naught by their dominant… Or had to leave their dominant because of excessive abuse… or were abused in some other way that has left them hurt and “broken”… The kind of abuse that crosses the boundaries of Sexuality into straight violence, torment, and preying upon the weak and innocent.

They are fragile. They are broken. And they’re looking for someone that understands that FIRST.

It takes an insane amount of trust to let someone who is bigger and stronger than you to fucking tie you up and do what they want with you.

And posting under your picture that you’re “taking applications for a cunt to abuse” isn’t only counterproductive to your overall goal, but it’s offensive to the overall realm of BDSM.

So, might I recommend a change in approach?

Approach your search for a Submissive in the same way that you would approach general dating…

You know…

Normal conversation. General likes and dislikes. Family… The basic shit that one would learn about the person they’re dating.

Approach the sexual part of the process the same way that is done in “vanilla” relationships…

1st base, 2nd base, etc.

Granted, if there’s chemistry and you’ve already established that you’re both into BDSM, things will heat up very quickly and you’ll be home before you know it.

But the approach doesn’t change.

And don’t expect her to let you tie her up completely on your first fuck. Again… It takes a lot of trust.

You could be a serial killer for all she knows. 😌

I’m saying all this because I want you to find a beautiful toy to use and abuse to BOTH of your pleasures.

So, let it marinate a little. Read it over again. Maybe it’ll help.


Share this post. Let’s help these aspiring Doms that follow you so obsessively. Teach them what they need to learn to grow. It’s your responsibility as well as theirs.

With love and pain,

Dominic Daniels AKA @dominicthadom

For more advice, read The Real Orgasm by Dominic Daniels

Sharing this as a dom.


Sharing as an owned slave. So well said. Thank you. 

Sharing this as a dom

Read this and feel better Missy.

Sharing from both of us. A Dominant and a submissive. 

Sharing as a Dom. Mandatory reading for both Doms and subs 

Casual ways to humiliate a cunt

1. Every time you speak to it in public, speak very slowly with simple words but speak normally to everyone else.

2. Never use its name, use body parts, or pet names (tits, gash, cunt, little girl, dumbass, and/or stupid)

3. Grab its tits, ass, or pussy instead of saying hello.

4. After whipping, strapping, or caning its ass and/or tits, make sure to expose its marks when it's out in public.

5. Make it speak in the 3rd person. This is best when it doesn't use I, me, mine, or it's correct name.

6. Order food for it at a restaurant, and feed it small bites when the meal arrives.

7. Make it wear big, non-matching clip-on earrings.

8. Casually speak to others on its behalf as if it wasn't there.

9. Make it carry your garbage in its mouth until you come to a trash can.

10. While you wait outside a shop, send it in with a note that it must hand to one of the employees about what it should buy for you.

11. When it speaks, make it follow rules (like each word has to start with the next letter of the alphabet) so it speaks really slowly and generally doesn't make any sense.

12. Whistle at it.

13. Administer swift, corrective swats on its butt or the palms of its hands.

14. Point out the times it has made mistakes in the past to others, including its friends.

15. Have it ask permission to go to the bathroom. This is especially effective when you and it are hanging out with a group of friends.

16. Drop things on purpose so it can pick them up for you.

17. While walking make it stop, spread its legs, and put its hands behind its back then make it stay in that position till you give it permission to walk again.

18. No matter what it says to you, reply "Sounds good little girl".

19. Make it wear revealing clothing that shows too much of its body.

20. Smear its makeup before going out in public.

21. Handcuff it to a pole outside of stores while you shop.

22. Apply itching powder to its twat before going out so it has to scratch itself in front of everyone and don't allow it to touch itself.

23. Make it cover random parts of its exposed body during tanning so its tan lines are weird and unnatural.

24. Interrupt it to compliment its intimate parts of its body (if it's chatting with its girlfriend, just interject "Wow, your tits look great today").

25. Have it explain a time it made a mistake in the past to a stranger, for example a waiter.

26. Make it carry around a large sex toy in public.

27. Spit in its food and drink in public.

28. Casually comment on how other women are more attractive than it.

29. Ask it politely to do something for you and then constantly criticize anything it does. "No, no, no. Not like that".

30. Every time it expresses an opinion, reply "That's silly!" or "That's stupid"..

31. Cut eye holes into a paper bag and make it wear it out in public with you.

32. Randomly grope and slap its ass.

33. If it doesn't know something or remembers it wrong, reply "It's okay, you're just a girl."

34. Restrict its use of furniture (make it stand, kneel, or sit on the floor)..

35. Have it make only "animal" sounds (no words) in public (oinking, barking, etc.).

some of these are superrrrrr

no matter how hard i look i can't find my dignity in there 

Kink Outside the Bedroom: Degradation

Before I talk about what I want to talk about, I’m first just going to say this is mainly my personal feelings and thoughts solely applied to myself.

Degradation is something that I find very important, to the point that I find comfort in being degraded, at least by the use of specific terms. I do not know exactly why this is, but I would be very happy if everyone I knew called me things like “Bitch”, “Slut”, “Whore”, or other terms along the lines of those. Often, I thank those who call me these things, as it I see it as a compliment more than anything.

As far as degradation goes with a romantic partner, I find such terms to be endearing. I tend to dislike hearing terms that make me equal of higher than my partner. It is the terms that make me feel lesser or like nothing that I wish to be called. Terms like “cunt”, “fuck toy” or “slave” are ones that, to me, are equivalent to saying “I love you”. This is doubly felt in the case of my parter degrading me with possession, so saying “my fuck toy” or something makes me feel extremely loved and happy.

Overall though, the more that a term makes me feel worthless, actual makes me feel quite the opposite. Of course, this only applies to people that I know calling me such things. Regardless, it is something I do really enjoy hearing. And again, someone calling me “bitch” makes me feel good, but someone calling me something like “cum rag” for some reason makes me feel much happier. I guess since “cum rag” is so much more objective and implies that my existence has a singular and near useless purpose, in this specific example, that my purpose is to exist as a thing just to be covered in cum and nothing else. For some reason, I find myself feeling more comfortable being known as something worthless. 

Activities for a Slave - Maze

This is one activity that can have a lot of variety, and is one that I really enjoy. The basic idea is that a slave travels through a maze set up by their dom. Simple as that. But what makes this so fun is variety of conditions that can be set. Here are some examples of mazes you can try out (as a note, you don’t need to actually build a maze with walls and everything, I will go over a few variations later).

Maze of Touch - This one may require more materials than others. After creating the maze (or generating one online) you want to separate it into a lgrid pattern, enough so that each square touches the walls of the maze. Assign each square on the grid a different feeling or material (Ex: velvet, slimy, rough, carpet, etc.). Set up the maze so that the material aligns with the grid. Then comes time for the slave to go through the maze. The only requirement is that they be blindfolded and at least crawling through. The goal of this is to drive the slave wild with the constant changing of sensations.
A variant of this is to have the slave hogtied and naked, so they have to squirm through the maze. The body is more sensitive than the hands and knees, so the feelings should be more intense. You can also increase the sensory deprivation by removing hearing from the slave.
Some things to keep in mind for safety - make sure that the slave is not allergic to any of the material used. Make sure that nothing will cut or cause an open would in the slave. Make sure nothing can get into places they shouldn’t, and if they do, make sure to get cleaned up.

Electric Maze - Set up an invisible fence maze. The slave wears a shock collar and goes through the maze. This one does not require crawling or a blindfold to be a fun and effective maze to go through.
Safety - make sure the shocks are at a level that the slave can handle. Make sure shock collars are safe for the slave.

Fetch maze - this is about gathering items in the maze. Gather “keys” scattered in the maze. Bring all keys to the “lock” to be freed from the maze. Does not require actual keys or a lock, but it could be fun with the actual things.
An idea I have for this is to remove the use of the slaves hands and mouth. Make the “keys” metal objects with a good weight to them. Have the slave carry a strong magnet attached to nipple clamps. They must carry the keys only by that magnet.

Now, as far as mazes go, you can create walls by using random household objects, pillows, cushions, towels, etc. The dom can also keep a watch and swat the slave whenever they would cross a boundary. There are various ways to set up a maze like this.
As general safety, make sure that you can always see your slave, and make sure that they can be removed from the maze with ease.

I hope you enjoy this idea. Hopefully this inspires you to come up with fun activities for you and your partner(s) to do while at home. Feel free to share your own ideas and what you’re doing for fun.

Stay safe 🖤