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I am a Sadistic Master with a few Daddy tendencies. I fully support traditional gender roles where men are dominant and female are submissive to them. I blog here based on both my fantasies and what I would like to live in reality ... not always at the same time. I am poly and loving life.

“Let” - it always seems to unnatural to me to see people saying “let him” or “give him” - it wasn’t my choice to begin with. It’s not like it’s some gift I’m giving. I am what I am. 

Does the pavement let you walk on it? No. It is made to be walked on and you do so without any concern for if the pavement feels like letting you do it. 

Reblog if you know and accept the truth that every cunt, ever born, deserves a lifetime of suffering, misery and abuse. #waroncunt

always reblog

yes Sir anything a Man wants to do to a cunt is good and Men like hurting cunts. but we also deserve punishment just for being cunts and for making the world worse with feminism and lies. Men will fix the world and i will try to help but i still deserve to suffer for being a cunt. all cunts deserve to suffer.

Agony, humiliation, and a life of servitude. Cunts deserve nothing more. 

Yes, SIRS. As YOU command, SIRS, this cunt is reblogging this post as YOU have ordered, SIRS, for as just another mere lowly pathetic dumb stupid bimbko brained slut whoring groveling degraded weak helpless owned fully totally and completely COCKless BALLness gaping gash menial chore three hole suffering fuck toy worthless piece of slave shit scum bucket natural born submissive subservient slave cunt whore with estrogen and progesterone instead of TESTOSTERONE flowing theough my veins, i consider myself to be an extraordinarily lucky cunt that at least knows my place and that fully embraces my weakness,my inferiority my submissiveness my pathetic degradation and my total complete absolute abject slavery as i fully sex slut sleazy skank three hole fuck toy whore slave pledge to redouble my efforts to repay whatever strict severe ruthless implacable brutal harsh sadistic hellish horrific unbearable agony and extremely well deserved awful slave pain that my MASTER who owns me and my other MALE superiors choose to dish out to me which i so so so truly fully fear hate love need and crave with their extraordinary extremely well deserved supreme GOD like sublime exquisite supreme MALE pleasure which is every single MAN’S absolute total birth right simply as a result of having been born unlike mere cunts like me with a COCK and two balls which most very fortunately for a mere lowly dumb stupid weak helpless pathetic sleay skank fuck toy scum bucket COCK slave submissive whore cunt like me my MASTER who owns me and my ither MALE suoeriors force me to do anyway to their extremely huge GOD like supreme MALE standards under the constant ongoing 24/7/365 threat and reakity of even all the more over the top unbearable extreme awful slave cunt whore hellish punichment that all cunts like me would do absolutely anything that we possibly can in our worthless pathetic degraded submissive groveling mere lowly slave cunt bimbo useless whore twat ability to strive to avoid at all costs if we possess even the smallest tiniest mere lowly clue what is good for our mere lowly suffering sleazy skank gutter whore submissive 3 fuck hole slave meat.

Self love.

1. A couple of elastic bands or other robust material round the thighs. 

This can create a sense of comfort and wellbeing, but most importantly security. It should dig in slightly so you can fully see the indent.

2. Clips at equal places on the outer pussy lips.

Wooden clips are the most wholesome feeling, like you are connecting with the earth. The more the better, but the most important thing is that you have equal on both sides. Pull out your lips and massage them between your thumb and forefinger, then clip on. 

3. Interaction with the thigh bands

Depending on your situation, either clip the thigh bands IN the clips before you finalise them on your pussy lips, or like in the gif store them under. 

The best scenario is where the clips are directly interacting with the bands, so your thigh movements twitch and stretch your pussy lips.


It will be uncomfortable if you have done it correctly, but not painful at this point.

4. Treatment stage

This stage is meant to be like you were at a spa, or you were taking a medicinal treatment. As in, you NEED it, or you elected to have it, because the results were going to help you in the long run.

Like the gif suggests, you can use an icecube to slide across your now vulnerable flesh.Now would also be a good time to use tigerbalm/icy hot, nettles, hot sauce, toothpaste or anything else you can think of. 

5. Endurance

Do stage 4 multiple times in measured increments for endurance training, and/or devise a system where you can put your hands behind your back and restrain yourself once the treatment has been administered. A loose rope or bed frame is enough for this, where you can thrash and breathe through it. 


6. (bonus stage) You will have recorded the whole thing, either for your own personal development or your dom/master/daddy. They will be able to sit with you, preferably behind you or with a tool as you both review the footage. 

It is recommended that you cum watching yourself be a little bitch, even if you receive punishment because of it, and always take on advice from your dom. 

1. Occasionally address her tits instead of her eyes when talking to her
2. Smack her ass when she walks away
3. Grab her ass or boobs randomly in public
4. Tell her to make you food
5. And to get you a drink
6. Sex ends when YOU cum (with no concern for her)
7. Bring her hand to rest on Your hard cock when You have an erection
8. Tell her to show You her tits at random
9. Tell her You do or don’t want her to wear something
10. Make sexist jokes
11. Don’t clean (expect her to)
12. Bend her over and fuck her in the middle of the day while she’s doing something
13. Compliment specific sexualized body parts
14. Objectify her (call her Your arm candy, etc)
15. Order for her
16. Silently bring her head down to Your crotch
17. Inspect her wetness at random

Rules for a good slave

1. Spread your holes

2. Do everything you are told & never question male authority

3. Shut up

4. Always be respectful

5. Embrace your inferiority

6. Always remember he is superior to you in every way

7. Never complain

8. Never be selfish

9. Be grateful

10. Put up with anything to make him happy

11. Realize that violence is an act of love & be grateful he cares enough to hit you

12. Sacrifice everything for his happiness

13. Treat him like an actual king alone and around other people

14. Always look your best

15. You have no needs, only his matter

16. Learn from him, & only him. He is every book and every knowledge in the world.

17. There is no such thing as rape or “consent” if you belong to someone

18. Make sure he’s never bored with you

19. Worship him as a god, because men are the closest thing to gods, and he is the one.

🏅This, learn this girls. Memorize, write it down, fuck tattoo it to the inside of your legs, god knows those are open long enough to read it all. I don't give a shit what you do but anytime you approach a Man no matter where it is, these rules should be a glaring responsibility.🏅

A good list of some very basic, bare minimum requirements for owned fuckmeat. Number 20 should be "Change anything and everything about your body however He wants you to."

Looking for a Daddy? Message me. I'm a 37-year-old Daddy Dom in the Northeast U.S. looking to own a younger bimbo slut in a serious relationship.

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ive never had sex any other way 🥰

OK, guys, let's have some fun celebrating the entire month of March which is also known as w<Men's history month. Let's exploit these cunts the right way. Objectify them for what they really are in life. Show how "empowered" these female fuck holes truly are. What a load of shit! This needs to be sent to all the feminist pig farm animals who infest our society. The Patriarchy ALWAYS wins, cunts. Embrace Misogyny and accept that you are born a worthless, weak, stupid, powerless, inferior piece of trash for men to degrade, debase, and humiliate. 

Words to live by

1. Always seek his approval.

2. NEVER EVER interrupt him. You cunts (women), shouldn’t ever act as if what you have to say is more important than what he’s saying or doing.

3. Dress the way he wants. Whether this means dressing like a slut and whore or covering up. We should always look good and desirable for men.

4. Cook and clean for him. Men deserve cunt (woman) that services him in more ways than just sex. Cooking and housework is your responsibility.

5. Let him take you whenever & wherever & however he wants. In public, while you’re doing something, while he’s on the phone, while you’re sleeping, etc. Be available for him at all times.

6. Let him use you to de-stress.

7. Worship his cock like it’s your God because it is.

8. Always assume he’s right and if he corrects you, believe him and apologize. Men are smarter than you.

9. Give up your desire to gain intellect. Men like cunts that are dumb and undereducated, that’s what you need to conform to.

10. Plan yourself and your future around him. After all, he’s the most important part of your life.

11. Let him objectify you. You are just objects after all.

I ALWAYS have loved those. #Patriarchy

They belong beneath men!

I love being on my knees like a cock hungry slut. It makes me feel so safe knowing I'm being used :)

One look at my blog would tell you...💖

Of course, Sir. 

Full time job. 

what being owned looks like.